Mário Nuno dos Santos Ferreira is the Founder distinguished by an entrepreneurial spirit and tireless determination, the leader who explores new frontiers and leads Pluris Investments to new horizons and challenges.


From the origin of DouroAzul to the requalification and revitalization of various urban spaces, redefining the concept of river cruising, he continues to challenge norms and overcome obstacles as the first Portuguese to explore space.


As one of Portugal’s most successful investors and visionary minds, Mário Ferreira is the driving force behind an era marked by boldness and insight, where each venture is a legacy of his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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We don’t only invest in new businesses: we believe that true innovation comes from the synergy of motivated and dedicated professionals committed to turning any challenge into an opportunity that generates value.


We have built a community of audacious, visionary, and entrepreneurial professionals who share an ecosystem centered on sustainable principles and continuous excellence.


We cultivate an environment where talent thrives, catalyzing disruptive change in all the sectors in which we operate.