Recognizing the need for evolution, the company embraced a new business model, expanding its visibility beyond traditional river tourism. The Pluris Group took on international challenges with fluvial operations in Europe and initiated an innovative project in maritime navigation with “Expedition” class cruises, positioning itself as a business model with great potential.

The success achieved allowed for the assessment of new opportunities, broadening the horizons of the Pluris Group into activities and investments aligned with a strategic vision of portfolio enhancement and diversification. This unique ability to unite people around ambitious projects is the essence that drives the Pluris Group.

This spirit of ambition and alignment is evident within the teams, always motivated to do more and better, and in the proactive approach to new business opportunities. The ongoing adaptation to the ever-changing ecosystem demonstrates the Pluris Group’s attention to the contexts in which it operates.

We are committed to giving back to society, partners, employees, and shareholders, adopting a socially and environmentally responsible approach. We also recognize the tremendous responsibility that rests on our actions and aspire to contribute positively to a dynamic, ethical, and sustainable environment.


From nautical and space tourism to real estate projects and specialized insurance solutions, we bring together award-winning brands that explore destinations and ideas, consolidating our unwavering commitment to global leadership and excellence.

We anticipate the future and invest heavily in education, a fundamental pillar to build a resilient society, oriented towards sustainability, and ready to ensure a more promising tomorrow.

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We break traditional paradigms and achieve goals that reflect the strength of our ambitions.

Our mission seeks to create a scenario of innovation and social responsibility, contributing positively to a more dynamic, ethical, and sustainable society.