12 December 2022

Douro Azul with Sustainable Biofuel from Galp on Douro River Cruises

With a total commitment to sustainability, DouroAzul has become one of the first companies to use the new Galp biofuel, ensuring a reduction of up to 80% in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during its journeys. This action makes tourist cruises on the Douro River become more.

Douro Azul, a prominent cruise company operating on the Douro River in Portugal, has embraced sustainability by utilizing Galp’s new biocompatible fuel. Derived from waste cooking oils and fats, this eco-friendly fuel allows for an impressive reduction of up to 80% in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during voyages, improving the environmental friendliness of Douro River cruises. Three vessels from Douro Azul’s fleet have already embarked on journeys from the Cais de Gaia on the Douro River, exclusively using Galp’s 100% renewable hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) diesel. This renewable fuel, produced from sustainable raw materials such as waste cooking oils and fats, significantly reduces harmful atmospheric emissions.

HVO was previously tested in aviation by Azores Airlines and can be used in its pure form or blended with up to 80% conventional diesel. Douro Azul, with over 20 years of experience, has been recognized as the Best River Cruise Company in Europe on three occasions. Galp plans to establish an HVO production unit at the Sines refinery by 2025, capable of producing 270,000 tons of advanced renewable products annually, including renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).